Our Mission

Attochron is the exclusive developer of optical wireless communications systems using ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers. Attochron has 'cracked the code' for keeping a wireless laser signal connected through bad weather with an USP laser's extremely brief, broad spectrum, high-peak power pulses. Attochron has built a full-duplex gigabit ethernet (GIG-E) demonstrator system, fielded in the challenging Virginia climate ahead of its demonstrations for Attochron's carrier customers. Attochron's intellectual property is global and exclusive.

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Why Free Space Optics?

"Free-space optical (FSO) communication systems are non-fiber-optic based optical communication systems that aim to handle large amounts of data at a high bandwidth. The simplest example of FSO is using a flashlight to send Morse code to a neighbor. FSO communication is an optical alternative to fiber networks that can act as a backbone for rapidly deployable mobile wireless communication needs, covering scenarios such as disaster relief response, temporary wireless networks for events, or communication over distances where laying cables is impractical or illegal, such as laying cables on land not owned by the user. FSO communication is particularly helpful where the physical connection of the transmitter and receiver locations is difficult to create, such as mountain ranges or harsh environments." - Pathfinder Digital

Check out this Naval Postgraduate School research paper detailing the utility of USPL FSOs in a military setting. Attochron is mentioned by name in Joseforsky and Garcia's research.

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