Attochron, LLC is a Delaware company based in Lexington, Virginia. Attochron is the exclusive developer of free-space optical (FSO) applications of ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers to 1) carrier-class gigabit wireless backhaul telecommunications (i-AIR™) and 2) utility-class power beaming (FSO Power™).

Attochron has teamed with   Virginia Military Institute Research Laboratories   (VMIRL, Lexington, VA) and VMI faculty for continued research and development and prototyping of i-AIR™. Results of this collaboration include the formation on post of the   VMI Ultrashort Pulse Optics Laboratory

USP laser systems offer unprecedented performance improvements in beaming distance and signal availability ('uptime') in all weather conditions (versus previous FSO systems). These improvement have been validated by prime contractors and US federal agencies. Attochron's rights to these technologies are exclusive and long-term.

Attochron and its partners are producing the world’s first highly-available gigabit lasercom and utility power beaming systems on Earth and in the Sky.